Description Edit

Hunters are a second job bowman class. They are renowned for their high attack speed and high damage per second. Many people say that during fourth job they are among the best bossing classes in the game due to their damage consistency and high self-buffed damage. They are widely saught after in parties because of their buff, Sharp Eyes.

Gameplay Edit

There are many different ways to play as a hunter. The diversity of the skills and different ways to build the character can shape the future of the hunter entirely. Because of the stun aspect of the skill, many players will add Arrow Bomb as their first skill and continue to use it until 4th job and even up to level 200. Unlike the Crossbowman who gets a freeze skill during 3rd job, Arrow Bomb is the only skill that hunters get which can nullify the movement of a monster. Other skills, such as Bow Booster and Soul Arrow are almost always maxed out completely before level 70, while Bow Mastery is typically left at level 19, due to level 20 only adding one accuracy, it is seen as wasteful.

Controversy Edit

There are two highly controversial skills for the Hunter. The first one is called Final Attack. Final Attack is controversial because, while it increases the total damage done by an attack, it decreases the attack speed and therefore, possibly the damage per second. The time it takes for a hunter to switch from his main attack to final attack, known as Startup Time is seen as wasted time that could be used more effectively by continuing to attack with the main skill.

The second controversial skill of a hunter is called Power Knockback. It is colloquially known as PKB.

im gonna let someone else write about PKB and the controversies, because I don't know anything about it. I always use PKB and I don't really know why anyone wouldn't.