Neko Edit

2nd Mage, 2nd Clearic, 3rd Priest and 1st Bishop on MapleLegends

Was the first Bishop during open beta and got to lvl 137 with out having genesis

Also the first person to reach lvl 120 after the official release, took 12-16hours ea day for 30days to achieve

Ss (2015-04-18 at 03.02.48)

Training spots used:

lvl 1-7 Maple island quests

lvl 8-21 job instructor quests and henesys PQ

lvl 21-30  2-3 Kpq`s and green/horny 99 quests then boars in perion, ariant quests and royal cactus`s

lvl 30-35 teddies in ludibrum

lvl 35-40 jr.wraiths in kerning subway b2 JQ

lvl 40-48 Wraiths in kerning subway area 4

lvl 48-95 gs2/mp3 singapore

lvl 95-120 Himes in shrine,skelegons in leafre and gs2/gs6/mp3 in singapore

Farming spots used: 

lvl 25+ boars for equips

lvl 30+ teddies for equips 

lvl 48+ Ghostship mobs for equips

lvl 90+ Platoon chronos for gfa60% scrolls



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btw I really like Noam and all other people who watch hentai <3